Authentic Vietnamese Street Food & Asian Food

Welcome to Merry Moon Restaurant

Our Delicious Story

In the heart of Llandudno town in Wales, a Vietnamese culinary oasis awaits. Merry Moon Restaurant, a newly opened restaurant by couple Hao and Merry, transports diners to the vibrant streets of Vietnam with their authentic street food and Asian specialties. From steaming bowls of “pho” to refreshing bubble tea, an unforgettable culinary experience awaits at Merry Moon Restaurant.

Our Featured Delicacies

(Ram Rán) - Crispy Spring Rolls Pork Belly

(Gà Katsu) - Chicken Katsu

(Phở đặc Biệt) - House Special

Home-Made Special Mixed Rice

Loved by Many

“Amazing food and super friendly service. My daughter was so happy somewhere local does proper bubble tea. We will definitely be back”
Sophie B | Local Guide
“Absolutely beautiful karaage, pho and bubble tea. Great, friendly staff. Cannot wait to come back!”
Karn McCloud
“Absolutely amazing food! This is authentic and flavoursome Vietnamese food and not watered down Pho. The starters were so fresh (their summer rolls and dumpings were insanely good), my taste buds were dancing. AND they're dog friendly! Other restaurants need to take note, we are extremely limited to where we can go here, because most restaurants are "dog-unfriendly". I did not expect to find this positive surprise in Llandudno - definitely going again!”
Deepak Raja Nadarajan | Local Guide
Only opened few days ago. Charming little Asian restaurant. Boba tea was delicious, especially the taro one, and plant based alternative also available. We would love to go back once more vegetarian options available. We wish them all the best.”
Brian G | Local Guide